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Interior Car Detailing Idaho

Professional interior car detailing services ensure that your vehicles looks and feels brand new. Detailing is essential for upkeeping the comfort and value of your vehicle.

Many people often assume that a vacuum and quick wipe down is just the same. Understanding the difference between a quick clean and a detail is key.

Detailing is a professional and intensive cleaning service that makes your car look showroom ready.

These are the steps I take when I service your vehicle to bring your car back to showroom ready.

Step 1: Prep Vehicle For Cleaning

I first look over your vehicle, taking note of any concerns you may have and any areas that may need extra attention. I remove all floor mats and set them aside. I gather any personal belongings and place them in a bag and remove any trash.

Step 2: First vacuum

I make a first pass through the vehicle with a vacuum, picking up any large crumbs and alternate brushing and vacuuming the carpets.

Brushing the carpets helps to loosen any embedded debris. I also vacuum out cup holders, vents, and door panel pockets during this phase.

Step 3: Floor Mats

After vacuuming the interior, I move directly to the floor mats and give those a vacuum and brush as well. I then will give the floor mats a deep clean.

If the floor mats are carpet, I spray the mats with an upholstery shampoo and use a drill brush to loosen stains. After the drill brush I use an extractor to remove the dirty water from the mats and let them dry. If there is anything sticky in the floor mats, I will use a steamer to clean those sticky spots.

Floor mats that need extra attention will be sprayed using a pressure washer to finally lift up the stains. These floor mats may need extra time to try before being placed back in the vehicle.

If you have rubber or vinyl floor mats, the process is generally the same. I use an all purpose cleaner and a drill brush to lift up dirt and debris. I then spray down the floor mats or use a steamer to finish cleaning. I then dry the floor mats with a microfiber towel.

Step 4: Upholstery

Cars have a variety of upholstery, and I come prepared to tackle any situation, whether its deep stains or dirty leather or vinyl.

For fabric upholstery, I will lightly spray the seats with an upholstery shampoo, and use an upholstery brush to clean the seats. I then use a steamer on any stubborn stains. For seriously stained upholstery, I will use an upholstery cleaner and stain extractor to remove stains.

For vinyl seats, I will use an all purpose cleaner and upholstery brush to clean the seats and follow with a steamer to ensure full sanitation and cleanliness.

Leather seats take extra care to ensure the life of the leather. I use a cleaner specifically formulated with proper pH balance for leather care. The proper pH balance will preserve the leather's strength, appearance, and durability.

I use a soft leather brush and leather cleaner and gently scrub the seats. I quickly pass over the seats with a steamer. Too much direct heat can damage leather.

After all the seats are clean, I dress the upholstery with a leather conditioner. The conditioner has a light heather scent and has Vitamin E and Aloe to nourish the leather, keep your seats feeling soft, and reduce wear and tear. Conditioning leather seats will prevent rips and rubbing from daily using.

Step 5: Dashboard, Center Console and Door Panels

These areas of the car usually take the longest to clean. They collect dust, crumbs, and are generally the stickiest areas of the car.

I use an all purpose detailer which lifts dirt and degreases surfaces in the car. I use detailing brushes which aid in the process of lifting embedded dirt and body oils and getting into tight spaces.

Before drying the surface, I use a steamer to sanitize and lift anything that is sticky and lifts any hard to get grime. Steaming also helps to blow out any crumbs the vacuum cleaner didn’t pick up.

Once the the panels and dashboard are clean, they are treated with a protective coating. This coating provides UV protection, restores the original color of the plastic, and leaves a nice satin sheen to the panels, giving your car that extra pop of clean.

Step 6: The Headliner

Don't forget to look up! The headliner is the ceiling of your vehicle that can get surprisingly dirty. Food and finger prints often mark this area up.

The headliner fabric is easily damaged and this area is generally spot cleaned with upholstery cleaner and a detailing brush.

Step 7: Door Jams

This is one spot of your car that carwashes can't get. I use a waterless wash and wax to thoroughly wipe the door jams so your car is looking brand new the moment you open the door. For exceptionally dirty door jams, I pass over with a steam cleaner as well.

Step 8: The Windows

I clean all interior windows with a tightly woven microfiber towel. All hand prints and dirt will be removed and you'll wonder if your window is really up!

Please note that any stickers on the window will not be removed unless specifically requested to do so, and may be subject to an extra charge.

Step 9: Final Touches!

I do a final vacuum of the car. So much debris can be kicked up while I am cleaning, once last vacuum is always imperative to make sure your car is crumb free and clean. I return the floor mats to their place and give the car one last look over.

Those are all the steps to a show room ready, detailed car! Interior details are my absolute favorite. I love the process and bringing a car back to its former glory! Plus, you will feel so good driving it!

How long will the interior detail take?

Interior details can take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours, depending on the size and condition of your vehicle.

Disclaimer: There are two instances where extra fees can be charged. The first is pet hair. A little pet hair is normal. However, if the pet hair is every where and weaved into the fibers of your carpet and upholstery, there is an excessive pet hair removal charge of $50.00.

To prevent pet hair build up, I suggest seat covers for your pet to ride on. This will protect your seats from stains and hair, and make the clean up much faster.

The second time I will charge more is if I go over the allotted time by an hour. For example, I plan to spend about two hours and 30 minutes on a sedan. If I spend 3 and a half hours or more, there is an "extra dirty fee" of $50.00.

Areas We Service

KC Mobile Details services the Treasure Valley in Idaho. This area includes:

  • Boise

  • Eagle

  • Kuna

  • Meridian

  • Nampa

  • Star

  • Caldwell

  • And more in the surrounding area.

Book your Mobile Interior Detail today!

Any Questions?! If you have any questions, concerns, or would like a custom quote, feel free to call or text me at 510-821-0629.

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