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Headlight Restorations Idaho

Foggy or obscure headlights are extremely dangerous to drive with during the night. Oxidized headlights can pose such a danger on the road for the driver and other vehicles that some states mandate safety inspections.

These are the steps that I will take to restore your headlights and help protect you and any loved ones as you navigate the roads at night.

What To Expect with a Headlight Restoration?

I will come to you! I do headlight restorations in all areas of the Treasure Valley from Boise, ID to Caldwell, ID. I just need access to an electrical outlet within 100 feet of your vehicle.

Step 1: Prep

Before I begin any work on your headlight, I tape off the headlight to protect the paint surrounding the area.

Step 2: Sand

The headlights will be gently sprayed with water to act as a lubricant while the headlight is rubbed with a fine grit sandpaper to rub off the layers of oxidation. This process will continue until the oxidized layers are completely rubbed off. Then the headlights will be washed and dried.

Step 3: Buff

I will use a rotary buffer to buff away any of the fine scratches left in the head light. I use a foam pad covered with a compound solution. This is when you will begin to see the headlight begin to shine.

Step 4: Polish

The headlight will then be polished with a wool pad. Your headlight will look brand new at this point, but to really make the restoration last, the headlight will be sprayed with a clear coat.

Step 5: Coat

I will spray the headlight with a self level clear coat. The clear coat will dry for 5 minutes and then I will give the headlight one last coat. Any over spray is cleaned with rubbing alcohol.

The headlight restoration is complete. The tape will be removed and any drips on the front bumper will be cleaned.

Benefits of a Headlight Restoration Include:

  • Better Visibility

  • Improved Safety

  • Improve the overall value and look of your car

Better Visibility and Improved Safety

Oxidized headlights can hamper your visibility at night by 70%. This makes it harder for other drivers to see you and impairs the safety of yourself and other drivers.

Headlight restorations can restore up to 90% of the original clarity of the headlight, making your night time driving experience, or driving in inclement weather safer and less stressful for you.

With better visibility comes improved safety. When your line of vision is bright and clear, you can see all hazards and your reaction time is greatly improved, helping you to avoid accidents.

Not only can you see better, but other drivers can see YOU! According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, 40% of accidents happen after sunset, even though there is 60% less traffic on the road.

Visibility is decreased by 500 feet at night, but headlights in proper working condition can add 250 feet of visibility and increase your reaction time.

Any upgrade that adds safety to your car is one worth investing in. Aside from safety, having clear and shiny headlights makes your vehicle look clean, bright, and newer! Both of these facts add to the resale and overall value of your vehicle.

How Long Will a Headlight Restoration Last?

Headlight restorations typically last about 5 years, or 500 hours, and we can easily repeat the process of restoring your headlight.

What is the Cost of a Headlight Restoration?

Not only do headlight restorations increase your safety, headlight restorations save you money. At KC Mobile Details, headlight restorations cost only $50 per pair.

Purchasing new headlight lenses can cost upwards of $100 per lens!

And this does not include the labor of installation if you patronize an auto body shop. That's $150+ savings.

Why do Headlights Become Oxidized?

Front headlights will become oxidized and discolored overtime. UV rays from the sun cause oxidation to acrylic headlights. The clear coating over the headlight helps to lengthen the life of the headlight, but over time this will wear off.

Front headlights become more discolored, scratched, and damaged faster than the rear headlights. Front headlights become more damaged as sand, dirt, rain, hail, and many other road contaminates beat into the headlights at 25 MPH to 75 MPH or more.

Just imagine your headlights being sandblasted every time you drive. This is why front headlights become so damaged over time.

Areas We Service

KC Mobile Details services the Treasure Valley in Idaho. This area includes:

  • Boise

  • Eagle

  • Kuna

  • Meridian

  • Nampa

  • Star

  • Caldwell

  • And more in the surrounding area.

Book your Mobile Headlight Restoration today.

For any other questions, feel free to call or text me at 510-821-0629.

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