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Exterior Car Detailing in Idaho

Car washes are great and all, it’s a quick way to rinse away most of the dirt. But let’s face it, its recycled water and dirty foam tassels whipping your car over and over again with the expectation that your car will come out of the other side completely clean.

I just pulled up to a car yesterday that had clearly been through a car wash. There were water streaks and spots left all around the car. Plus, the car had clearly been damaged with swirl marks from the beating in the car wash.

Car washes are quick and easy and of course your car will look cleaner, but believe me when I say drive thru car washes are far inferior to having your car detailed.

By keeping your car maintained with exterior detailing, not just simply washed, the paint of your car will be protected from the harsh exposure to elements it is subject to on a daily basis, from UV Rays to hail, making your car look sparkling new for years.

Before we get into the step-by-step expectations of an exterior detail, let me answer a question I hear a lot.

Why do exterior details cost so much when I can go through a car wash for $10.00 To give you some perspective, a drive through car wash can get your car basically clean in 5 to 7 minutes. I spend 7 to 10 minutes on each wheel. The level of care and cleanliness your car receives can’t even begin to compare to the $10.00 car wash.

Let’s jump into the steps I take to ensure your cars exterior is professionally detailed and not just washed.

With KC Mobile Details, here’s what you can expect with an exterior detail.

Step 1 – Prep: I prep your car with a pressure wash of the exterior to start washing away heavily soiled areas, including wheels, windows, roof, and opening the gas cap. I also spray a bug and tar remover over the hood and front of your car which will help to lift off those stubborn bugs.

Step 2 – Foam bath: Your car gets a nice foamy bath. The foam will sit for a few minutes. This will allow all the dirt to loosen up and begin to drip down the car, and then it will be rinsed off again.

Step 3 – Two bucket hand wash: Yes, not one but two buckets. The first bucket is a rinse bucket with a grit guard. I agitate a microfiber mitt on the grit guard to loosen any dirt caught on the mitt. (Dirt caught in the mitt can cause micro scratches while I wash the car.)

Then mitt will be dipped in the second bucket full of car shampoo. I wash the car panel by panel, in straight lines to prevent swirl marks. Once the car is completely washed, it gets one last spray from the pressure washer.

Step 4 – Hand Dry: It's time to make sure there are no water spots! I use a plush microfiber towel to thoroughly dry your car and make sure there are no water spots left behind.

Step 5 – Wax: This is Mister Miyagi style! Wax on, wax off. You know the drill. Waxing your car provides protection from the elements such as UV rays, rain, hail, dirt, debris, and more.

Remember your car gets sand blasted every time you drive. The wax will preserve the life of your paint and debris will slide right over your car.

When your car is waxed, the wash will last longer as well as the paint and overall look of your car.

Step 6 – Wheels: Your wheels are washed with a wheel brush and treated with an iron and break dust remover. I take a gentle brush and brush between any tight grooves and the bolts. The break dust remover turns purple as the dust and debris is lifted off the wheel.

I then pressure wash the wheel and it’ll be looking amazing. But I don’t stop there. I dress the tire with a coating that will not only protect it, it will give your tire that nice, wet sleek look. Its all about the details here!

Step 7 – Finishing touches: I go back over the windows with a glass cleaner to make sure every last bit of dust, debris, and water marks are removed.

If there is any black plastic on your car, I will treat that with a coating that will remove any signs of wear. Not only does the dressing protect against UV Rays and debris, it restores that deep, rich shine.

Optional Step: Clay Bar

As I’ve mentioned, the exterior of cars can really take a beating. Everything from dirt and debris can get lodged in the paint.

You might not even see it, but over time, the paint will begin to look dull and not as shiny as it was when you drove the car off the lot. To improve the overall look of your car, you can choose to have your car treated with a clay bar. This step will happen before the waxing if you choose to have your car clayed.

Using a clay bar is a process of removing surface contaminates from the clear coat of your paint that can not be removed by washing alone. With a clay bar, a small area of your car is sprayed with a water-based lubricant, and the clay is rubbed over the surface of your car.

The clay works by pulling contaminates from the clear coat of paint that then become bonded to the clay.

Claying also opens the pores of the clear coat so wax or any coating will penetrate deeper into the clear coat and give your car that extra pop and protection.

It is important that these contaminates be removed before polishing your car with a rotary polishing machine. Failure to remove contaminates can create swirl marks during that polishing process.

You’d be surprised at how much a little extra clay can pick up! I move a long the car, panel by panel until the whole car has been “clay barred.”

Can you do exterior details in cold weather?

Exterior details in Idaho can be a bit challenging when the weather is cold. I do exterior details in weather above 45 degrees.

In fact, chilly weather is ideal for exterior details. The suds and water don't dry as quickly, giving me more time to detail your car.

Areas We Service

KC Mobile Details services the Treasure Valley in Idaho. This area includes:

  • Boise

  • Eagle

  • Kuna

  • Meridian

  • Nampa

  • Star

  • Caldwell

  • And more in the surrounding area.

Book your Full Mobile Detail today.

For any other questions or custom quotes, feel free to call or text me at 510-821-0629.

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